Paul&Storm – Without You Lyrics

Nachdem es im GANZEN INTERNET nicht die Lyrics zu diesem Lied gibt, gibt es sie von heute an hier!
Die Lyrics zu Paul&Storm – Without You (My Right Hand) !

Sitting in my room alone
Everything I thought I knew was wrong
I try to carry on
But like a passenger on a plane
when the overhead bins are full
and they tell you to check your baggage
– and you know that they’ll lose your baggage-
And I know I should lose this baggage
I don’t think I have control of this metaphor anymore!

Without you my right hand don’t feel right anymore
And even if it could, now it’s gone for a good
How do I live without my right hand?

Walking down the lonely hall
with nobody and no place to go
I could go to a movie show
But the credits have started to roll
And the crowd is heading home
But I want to sit through the credits
To see what’s after the credits
I wish I could get some credit!
And I really believe it’s not a good metaphor anymore!

Without you my right hand has left me all alone
Like a sinking ship I’ve lost my grip
How do I live without my right hand?

Sitting on my bed again
Trying to find where I fit in the way a right hand fits a left
And they wanna know why I left
‚Cause I couldn’t find where the third hand should go
I still don’t know!

Without you {Without you} – my right hand walked right out that door {I don’t fit this part either!}
And waved goodbye {I guess I’ll stop now!} now it’s time to try to find a way to say „Come back, my right hand!“

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