About acureus

Here you'll find some background info on our company and the people who work there!

WHO We are,
Where we come from

Acureus was founded in 2021 by German Marco Hoffmann and British Liam Sorta after the astonishing success of Marco’s little drawing game, Draw & Guess. Originally created for a group of friends, the game now has convinced more thanĀ  3.5 million players with its doodly style, catchy music and easy-to-grasp game modes.

Our enthusiastic team consists of 6 valued members working around the globe, covering European and Asian time zones. With their diverse skill sets, each member contributes to the success of this aspiring developing studio and its projects, both current and upcoming.

What motivates us

As socially-active gamers we love turning our creativity into games that allow players to have a great time with their friends – or find friends along the way.
With a background in Computer Science our hearts beat for technical innovation and non-standard solutions. Even if that means taking the more difficult road. Check out our projects to learn more!